Division Of Assets/Debts

Las Vegas Marital Asset And Debt Division Attorneys

If you are facing divorce, you have a right to your share of marital property. Throughout the course of your marriage, you and your spouse may have purchased real estate, secured certain assets and enjoyed a good living with healthy retirement accounts. A marriage ends. A partnership ceases. You and your soon-to-be ex are now at odds.

At Law Practice, Ltd., we bring over a quarter century of legal experience and a thorough knowledge of Nevada law to helping you get your fair share.

While mediation is effective in resolving a division of property and debts, you should not give up your rights and take the first offer presented to you. Contact us at 702-517-5705 or toll-free at 888-351-7870.

Protecting Your Rights To Community Property

Nevada is a community property state. Generally, assets and debts acquired by a husband and wife during the marriage are subject to division. Where that line is drawn is not beyond your control, even if your spouse made all the money in the marriage. An attorney can stand by you and protect your rights to what is legally yours.

Handling The Complexities Of Property Division With The Help Of Experts

The complex division of assets and debts can be accomplished with a seasoned attorney teaming with financial experts. Retirement accounts pose certain challenges, but those are obstacles we are willing to overcome and resolve on your behalf. Fighting for the best resolution means that mediation is not the only option. If it is in your best interest, we will take a division of assets case into court.

Make Your Appointment With An Attorney

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a division of assets and debts, please call us at 702-517-5705 or toll-free at 888-351-7870. You may also email the firm online.