High Net Worth/Complex Divorce

Las Vegas Family Law Attorneys Handling Complex Divorces

Hard work as a business owner or in a successful career can reap great dividends. You enjoy a healthy bank account and the proverbial finer things in life. However, when divorce enters the picture, that wealth can complicate matters. You need an attorney experienced in complex, high net worth divorces.

With over 30 years of legal experience, attorney Ann E. Kolber of Law Practice, Ltd., can help you get through a highly emotional and legally complex process.

Far too much is at stake, put your high-net-worth divorce in the hands of an experienced attorney. Contact us at 702-517-5705 or toll-free at 888-351-7870.

Personalized Advocacy For High Net Worth Divorces

Time is of the essence if you or your spouse has decided to file for divorce. From the moment you retain an attorney at Law Practice, Ltd., we provide personalized attention until your case is resolved. In divorces that involve business and real estate ownership, we secure the experts necessary to build a case. Those experts include business and forensic accountants who can crunch the numbers and get to the facts.

The Contentious Nature Of Dividing Valuable Assets

Dividing assets can turn an already contentious situation into war. Our job is to fight for the property you are entitled to receive under Nevada law, including LLC holdings and stock certificates.

Please know that if negotiation fails to find a middle ground in any area of your high net worth divorce, we will aggressively pursue action in court.

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Please know that for high net worth clients embarking on a marriage, we can also help with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced divorce lawyer, please call our firm at 702-517-5705 or toll-free at 888-351-7870. You may also email the firm to make your appointment.