Our Fees

At Law Practice, Ltd., we are committed to providing our clients with quality legal services for both uncontested and contested matters.

Uncontested matters, in which both sides are in agreement on all issues, prove to be the least costly and time-consuming actions, and we are often able to reasonably anticipate what the fees and costs will be in order to bring such cases to conclusion. In such instances, we likely can structure the fees for our services on a fixed flat-fee basis.

Conversely, no two contested matters are alike, and it is impossible at the onset of such a case to predict the total amount of specific legal services which will be required in order to bring the case to its conclusion. Due to the gravity of the rights and interests at stake in divorce and custody matters, these legal actions tend to be emotionally charged, time-consuming, and costly. Often times, due to the actions of the opposing party, cases which appear at first to be simple can quickly escalate into protracted litigation. Indeed, the parties' willingness to cooperate with each other toward reaching a settlement will have a direct impact upon the volume of legal work required to be performed. Although we cannot force the other side to cooperate, we pledge to diligently work toward achieving a fair and equitable result for each of our clients.

While we would like to be able to offer our services to all prospective clients, the reality is that competent legal services can be expensive, and not all who wish to do so can afford to hire Law Practice, Ltd. At the time of the initial consultation, we will discuss the particular facts of your case, the legal process, as well as the amount of the initial retainer which will be required in order to begin your case. However, costs, expenses, and fees incurred may exceed the initial retainer provided in a contested case.

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