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Nevada real estate law is unique in the area of evictions. There are two processes a landlord can use to evict a tenant: (1) the "summary" eviction process and (2) the "formal" eviction process.

The summary eviction process is the most frequently used eviction process. A summary eviction is utilized for the following types of matters:

1) Non-Payment of Rent (residential/commercial property)
2) Nuisance
3) Improper assignment or subletting
4) Waste
5) Breach of Lease
6) Unlawful Business
7) Drug Violations
8) Termination of Tenancy at Will
9) "No Cause" Termination

Additionally, it should be noted that a landlord cannot obtain a money judgment as part of the summary eviction case but has the option to sue the tenant in a separate case.

Conversely, a formal unlawful detainer action is required in the following situations:

1) Evictions following the foreclosure or sale of a property
2) Eviction of a commercial tenant on any basis other than non-payment or rent
3) Eviction of a tenant who rents a space in a mobile home park

Retain an attorney with knowledge of the law and insight into the industry to represent you.

Evictions for cause: At Law Practice, Ltd., we represent landlords to pursue evictions for cause, such as non-payment or rent, nuisance, breach of lease, or illegal activity, etc. We also handle post-foreclosure evictions in order to remove unwanted occupants from staying illegally after a property was lost to foreclosure.

No-cause evictions: Should a landlord wish to terminate a month-to-month tenancy in order to evict a tenant without cause, a Las Vegas eviction attorney at our firm will prepare the necessary paperwork to remove your tenant from the property.

Post-foreclosure evictions: In order to remove a bona fide tenant from your property after a foreclosure, specific steps must be followed in order to provide proper notice to the tenant. We can help you through the process and advise you on your options.

For clients not residing in Nevada, we provide advocacy in pursuing evictions. For clients in Nevada and from out of state, we can assist with obtaining a money judgment for past-due rent through small claims court.

WE DO NOT REPRESENT TENANTS. Our sole focus is on helping landlords and property owners. Contact our Las Vegas office at 702-517-5705 or toll free at 888-351-7870.

At Law Practice, Ltd., we prepare and review leases, purchase and sale agreements, and deeds. We represent property owners when they are pursuing legal action for breach of contract, payment disputes, or actions against tenants who have left rental property damaged or who are severely behind on rent.

Commercial real estate property owners can benefit from the experience and insight provided by Ann E. Kolber Esq. Prior to becoming an attorney, she served as a property manager for a commercial real estate developer/management company. Since that time, she has represented small businesses involved in both simple and complex real estate transactions and disputes.

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