Las Vegas Commercial Rental Attorney

Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate Rental Attorneys

Owning and renting commercial real estate can be a risky investment. While you cannot control the real estate market, you can protect your rights with the help of an experienced real estate attorney at Law Practice, Ltd. We can generate the necessary legal documents to secure your rights and pursue legal action in court to protect your investment if the need arises.

Commercial real estate law can be complicated and time consuming, especially without the aid of legal counsel. You need a seasoned attorney to get started. You may even find yourself requiring the ongoing help of legal counsel as problems with tenants arise. contact our Las Vegas office at 702-517-5705 or toll free at 888-351-7870.

An Attorney With a Background in Commercial Property Management

At Law Practice, Ltd., we staff attorneys with comprehensive experience in commercial real estate law, specifically rental property. Prior to joining our firm, Ann E. Kolber Esq. was a commercial property manager. Clients benefit from her in-depth insight into the industry. She also brings over 25 years experience in real estate law, advocating for clients, including over 10,000 eviction trials.

Helping Commercial Property Owners in Nevada and Nationwide

From drafting and reviewing leases and purchase/sale agreements to resolving breaches of contracts and payment disputes, we can handle all aspects of any commercial real estate legal issue you face as a landlord. Many times, we can negotiate a successful outcome. However, there are times when the courtroom provides the best venue for a resolution.

For commercial real estate rental property owners from outside the state of Nevada, we can provide immediate representation on your behalf following just one telephone call.

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