Eviction Fees

With more than 25 years of experience handling a wide variety of landlord/tenant litigation, the Attorneys and staff at Law Practice, Ltd. provide expert legal counsel to help guide property owners though the Nevada eviction process.

Nevada law features two separate procedures for the recovery of possession of a rental property. The specific procedure required is determined by the individual circumstances of your case. Contact our office today to determine which eviction procedure applies to you.

Summary Eviction (Non-payment of rent ONLY)

The summary eviction process may only be initiated in cases where your tenant fails to pay the rent due. At Law Practice, Ltd., we have utilized our years of experience to develop a cost-effective, fast and efficient process to ensure that landlords obtain a quick summary eviction of a problem tenant. To immediately initiate a case with us, you need only complete our short agreement and questionnaire, provide us with a copy of your rental agreement and tender payment of our competitive flat fee.

At Law Practice, Ltd., most cases are charged on a flat fee basis, and we will handle the eviction process from start to finish.

Unlawful Detainer Action for Possession of Rental Property

(All other eviction actions other than those for non-payment of rent, for example: breach of Lease Agreement, Post Foreclosure Recovery of Possession from either a prior owner or tenant, Termination of the tenancy/lease, Removal of Holdover Tenant, Nuisance/Illegal Activity, etc.)

To regain possession of your rental property, you may be required to initiate action for unlawful detainer. The circumstances of each particular case are different, contact us today to discuss the details of your case and the most cost-effective, efficient means of obtaining the results you want. To increase transparency and ease the financial burden of this process, we offer an extensive list of reasonably priced, flat-fee legal services to suit your needs. Contact our office for more detailed information regarding our flat fee unlawful detainer services available.

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