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Situations where tenants refuse to pay their rent are difficult enough. They become even more complex and frustrating when the tenant files for bankruptcy, which puts a stop to all financial legal proceedings, including the eviction process.

At Law Practice, Ltd., we represent landlords and property owners, with a focus on protecting property rights. Especially in circumstances where a bankruptcy court becomes involved, retaining an experienced attorney is worth the investment. Contact an experienced eviction and tenant bankruptcy attorney at our Las Vegas office by calling 702-517-5705 or toll free at 888-351-7870.

Avoid Eviction Delays Caused By Automatic Stay in Nevada

When a tenant files for bankruptcy in federal court in the midst of eviction proceedings in the state court of Nevada, the eviction process comes to a halt. Our attorney provides the service of drafting motions for relief from automatic stay.

If approved by the court, this motion grants permission to proceed with the state court eviction action. Importantly, this does not allow collection of any debts owed. It does, however, allow you to continue the court action to obtain possession judgment, which means the current tenant will be evicted and you can lease the property to another tenant.

Importantly, this kind of a motion is not available for download to be completed on your own, whether you have been working with an attorney throughout the evictions process or have been representing yourself. To prevent unnecessary and costly delays, it is very important that it be drafted by an experienced evictions lawyer who has an in-depth understanding of how the bankruptcy process affects eviction proceedings.

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