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Landlords face challenges on a daily basis. Many times, those obstacles involve tenants who refuse to pay their rent or become a nuisance on the property. Our job is to aggressively represent landlords and property owners in court. Eviction services cannot come close to the level of advocacy that we provide, nor can they offer the extensive litigation experience necessary to handle the rigors of the courtroom.

Law Practice, Ltd., is a landlord-friendly environment legal practice. We focus on pursuing renters who breach leases or fail to pay rent.

Doing it yourself or relying on an eviction service to solve complicated legal disputes may save you a few dollars, but could create problems in the future. Contact an experienced eviction lawyer at our Las Vegas office by calling 702-517-5705 or toll free at 888-351-7870.

Nevada Unlawful Detainer Lawyer, Offering Legal Experience and Industry Insight Into Evictions

We bring firsthand knowledge on the plight of the landlord when dealing with unlawful detainers and evictions for cause. Attorney Ann E. Kolber Esq. is a former property manager with a background similar to our clients. She brings more than just insight into the real estate industry. She possesses 25-plus years of experience as a real estate law attorney, focusing on eviction cases, including over 10,000 trials.

Helping In-State and Out-of-State Landlords With Eviction Proceedings

If your tenant is creating a nuisance, breaching a lease or failing to make rent payments, we can help collect the money you are owed or regain possession of your property from your problem tenant, even when he or she has filed for bankruptcy. Not only do we help Nevada property owners and managers, we can also help out-of-state clients enforce their rights and secure their properties from problem tenants.

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