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While residential rental property can provide you continuous income, legal steps must be taken to ensure that your property is protected. The lease executed by your tenant is only as strong as your ability to enforce it. At Law Practice, Ltd., our attorney's specialize in the enforcement of landlord's rights and excel in the swift resolution of landlord/tenant disputes.

At Law Practice, Ltd., we can provide representation on individual residential real estate rental matters or serve in an ongoing legal capacity as needs arise. Attorney Ann E. Kolber Esq. not only brings 25+ years of experience in real estate law, but she is also a former property manager.

We focus all of our legal efforts on helping landlords with the administrative aspects of lease development to the litigation process of evicting a tenant. contact our Las Vegas office at 702-517-5705 or toll free at 888-351-7870.

Attending to the Details of Real Estate Documents

At Law Practice, Ltd., we help new landlords with the drafting and reviewing of purchase and sale agreements for residential real estate. Detailed and enforceable leases must be generated so property owners have legal protection from a renter who ignores the terms of the document they signed. Clients also come to us with issues related to deed preparation, homestead declaration and partition actions.

Negotiating Lease Dispute and Pursuing Eviction Actions in Court

When a renter is failing to pay rent or creating a nuisance on the property, we move in fast. Many times, one telephone call will start the process of resolving the problem. We strive to negotiate a payment dispute or the breach of a lease or contract. However, if solutions cannot be found through negotiation, we will pursue litigation. Out-of-state clients who own Nevada property can also rely on us for dedication and diligence in resolving their legal matter.

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