Same-Sex Couples/Co-Parenting

It is possible to secure legal recognition of a longtime partnership or co-parenting arrangement with or without the benefit of marriage. An experienced attorney with a thorough knowledge of the law can attend to every detail, including protecting your parental rights with a co-parenting agreement.

As with any legally binding document, there are pros and cons. At Law Practice, Ltd., we communicate the options our clients have under these agreements and move forward with the registration process.

Proactive Handling Of A Co-Parenting Agreement

Co-parenting agreements are recommended prior to any adoption or medical procedure, including in vitro fertilization. You need to formalize an arrangement to protect yourself and prevent problems in the future. With same-sex marriage legal in Nevada and nationwide, creating a co-parenting agreement is also a crucial part of any divorce.

Protect Yourself And Your Future

Any relationship can end in an instant. Loving emotions can become hard feelings. You are entitled to legal protection for your parental rights. A co-parenting agreement can provide that security and peace of mind, but you must act quickly.

Meet With An Experienced Attorney

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a domestic partnership or co-parenting agreement, please email us or call our office at 702-517-5705 or toll-free at 888-351-7870.