Coronavirus Vaccine Offers Hope for a Better 2021

Family Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Making Their American Debut

2021 Is Looking Brighter Already

The coronavirus has made this year the most difficult one that many Americans have ever faced. Beyond the risk of infection, the virus threatened families’ access to jobs, education, and their ability to enjoy the life they had grown accustomed to.

Luckily, the year is ending on a high note. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have both witnessed promising trial results. While Pfizer has already begun distribution in the United States, Moderna is expected to follow closely behind.

The vaccines are being distributed to higher-risk groups first. The expected order of vaccinations is:

  1. Health care workers and long-term care facility residents
  2. Essential workers
  3. Adults with preexisting conditions and people over 65
  4. All other adults

The general public will likely be able to receive the vaccine beginning in April through appointments with doctor’s offices and pharmacies. The process should be similar to how an individual would go about getting a flu shot.

Children have a longer wait ahead of them, as the vaccines have not yet been approved for those under the age of 16.

Once an individual has access to the vaccine, they will be in for a two-step process. Patients will have to return a few weeks after their initial shot for a booster. Patients will not develop maximum protection until a week after their second dose of the vaccine.

While the end is near, Americans are still left wondering about what’s to come. It’s not yet clear when the country will begin its financial recovery, and how long it will take for those who have lost their jobs or homes to get back on their feet. Families have endured unpredictable circumstances throughout this past year. Parents and children have been out of routine, and many coparents have struggled due to differing opinions as to safety precautions surrounding the novel COVID-19 virus. Though the COVID-19 vaccine for children is not available quite yet, it is important for parents to begin discussing the benefits of the vaccine and, depending on your child’s health, the relative risks associated with your child receiving the vaccine. While many Americans are excited about the prospect of receiving the vaccine with the hope that life will return to “normal,” it is likely that some coparents might not agree on what is best for their children and their family. Moderna is set to begin vaccine testing in children 12-17 years old this month. In the meantime, you and your coparent should discuss whether you both will get the vaccine, whether your children will get the vaccine (when available), and how best to keep the members of your families safe in the months to come. Specifically, if your children will be returning to school in-person, or you will be returning to the workplace, this is an important conversation to have. For coparents struggling in this limbo to recovery, Law Practice, Ltd. can help.

Additionally, if the impact of the coronavirus has made your child custody or child support agreements impractical and unsustainable, contact us today to discuss the possibility of pursuing a modification. Our attorney is available to work towards an arrangement that serves to benefit your child while respecting the limitations that the pandemic has imposed upon your financially.