The Importance of Sealing Your Divorce Case

There are so many issues to address in a divorce that spouses might not realize the details of their divorce are a matter of public record. If you have concerns about your privacy, you will need a divorce attorney who knows how to protect these details, so they do not become publicly available. You do not have to be a public figure or a celebrity to have concerns about your privacy. Most of us would rather keep such personal and, in some cases, painful details private.

Protecting Your Privacy

What does it mean when the details of your divorce become part of public record? It means that, during divorce proceedings, anyone can attend and witness your case unfold in court. Additionally, a summary of your divorce case filings will become electronically available. Knowing that anyone can obtain information regarding your child custody order, for example, might make you feel uneasy or vulnerable. However, you do not have to accept this.

At Law Practice, Ltd., our divorce attorneys can file the proper documents with the court to seal your case. When the family court judge reviews these documents and signs the order to seal your divorce case, your privacy will be protected. After your case is successfully sealed, only you, your spouse, and your respective attorneys will have access to the court filings. Anyone else, such as your friends, employers, co-workers, or family members, will not have access to these documents.

With your divorce case sealed, you can rest a little easier knowing that the details of your split will remain between private.

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A lot can happen during the divorce process and whether you are a public figure or you have a relatively small circle of friends and family, you might not feel comfortable with the idea of your divorce information becoming a matter of public record. Privacy is something most of us value and the team at Law Practice, Ltd. can help protect it by filing the appropriate documents with the court to seal your divorce case. Our family law attorney has decades of experience and is committed to providing personalized solutions for each client’s unique goals and needs.

Divorce is already an emotional and stressful situation and knowing that your privacy is protected can help reduce some of your worries and concerns.

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