Hiring the right attorney to guide you through a divorce is a critical decision in the process of leaving your spouse. First and foremost, remember that divorce is a legal process intended to dissolve marital assets, debts, and resolve custody issues. Your divorce case has the potential to be resolved quickly or result in a lengthy court battle. Mediation is an efficient, less-expensive option to consider in lieu of litigation, especially if children and complicated finances are not a factor between you and your spouse. If your divorce is slightly more complicated, then an experienced divorce attorney can negotiate a comprehensive and fair settlement. A contested divorce, however, tends to be the most time consuming and costly option, may lead to a litigated trial, and you will want to hire experienced trial counsel should this be the case. Research and assess potential attorneys who have experience handling all the possible scenarios available, including joint petitions, mediation, and complex contested divorce hearings.

Our attorneys have┬áconsultations┬áto discuss details about your situation and what their legal approach would be. Some attorneys will charge for the initial consultation as they may spend more time with you in order to more thoroughly discuss your case and come up with litigation strategy. Make the most of your time in an initial consultation and gather as much insight to the attorney’s experience as you can. Divorce proceedings can be costly, so it is essential that you do not hire an attorney who you cannot afford based upon the attorney’s hourly rate and the complexity of your divorce case.

Since divorce is a very personal matter, it is critical to hire representation that will support your intended outcomes to dissolve your marriage. Be honest and genuine while interviewing attorneys so you effectively communicate your priorities regarding children, finances, and other assets. While consulting with potential attorneys for your case, ask how they plan to communicate with you as the client. You want to ensure you have a responsive and communicative attorney, as well as reachable office staff.

If you keep this information in mind, you can narrow down your search for a divorce attorney with ease and confidence.

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