Raising children can be challenging even under the best circumstances. After a divorce, it can be even more difficult, especially if you and your spouse endured a particularly hostile and contentious split. However, it is in your children’s best interests that you set aside your differences to focus on their needs, so they can continue to thrive in the aftermath of this major life-altering event.

Working with Your Ex to Co-Parent Your Children

Barring any serious issues, such as domestic violence or abuse, you and your former spouse should be open to working together to become more effective co-parents. Of course, this is a lot easier to say than it is to put into practice, which is why we compiled a list of helpful tips.

Here are some tips for successful co-parenting after a divorce:

  • Find a healthy outlet to talk about your feelings: If you have a lot of hurt feelings left from your divorce, you should find an outlet to deal with them. Otherwise, you may end up venting to your children or blowing up on your co-parent, neither of which is helpful.
  • Do not use your kids to pass along messages: You probably want to interact with your former spouse as little as possible, but that does not mean you should use your children as messengers. Doing so will only put them in the middle of potential conflict and cause them further stress. Always communicate directly with your co-parent on child-related matters.
  • Create consistent household rules: Your children are going to spend time in two households now, so it is crucial to collaborate on consistent routines and rules to establish stability in their lives. Consistency across both households is not only beneficial for your children, but it can also reduce conflicts with your former spouse.

Co-parenting after a divorce can be hard and you will not improve overnight, but time and effort may help you ultimately become more successful at it.

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